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Coronavirus Spain today, last minute live | The Spanish economy registers its biggest historical fall in the first quarter

The coronavirus pandemic breeds with the American continent, a threat that is "far from over", warns the WHO

Relatives of patients with coronavirus and toilets at the gates of the Hospital de La Paz in Madrid.

The coronavirus pandemic is "far from over," the World Health Organization has warned on Monday. While Europe gradually recovers normality between localized outbreaks, the coronavirus is fattening with the American continent. The US has exceeded 40,000 new infections on Monday for the fourth consecutive day. In Spain, Asturias has become the first coronavirus-free community after completing two weeks without new infections.

The coronavirus pandemic reaches 10 million infections and half a million global deaths

The United States continues as the country most affected by the pandemic, setting a new daily record

Protected personnel carry the body of a person who has died of a coronavirus in India.

Coronavirus outbreaks in Lleida are under control

The outbreaks of contagion of coronaviruses registered since the middle of this month in various locations in the Baix Segrià and Lleida capital are "under control", according to the deputy director-general for Health Promotion Carme Cabezas said today.

The government begins the first steps to reopen the Schengen borders after the coronavirus crisis without even publishing the list of countries

The Government has started this Tuesday to take the first steps towards the reopening of the Schengen borders without having yet published the definitive list of third countries or countries associated with Schengen from which it will be possible to access Spain.
The order published in the BOE by the Ministry of the Interior also establishes new exceptions for the crossing of people through the community territory, now including students who carry out their studies in the Member States or associated Schengen and who have the corresponding permit or visa.

Catalonia has invested 81 million in beds, UCIS, respirators and ultrasound scanners during the coronavirus crisis

The Health Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia has invested almost 81.5 million euros in the purchase of ICU beds, ventilators, ultrasound scanners, defibrillators, electrocardiographs, monitors and other investments in sanitary equipment.

Australia's second-largest city borders 36 neighborhoods after Coronavirus outbreak

Authorities on Tuesday ordered the closure of 36 neighborhoods in Australia's second-largest city, Melbourne, in a bid to stem a spike in coronavirus cases, a dramatic departure from the relaxation of restrictions in other parts of the country.
As of midnight Wednesday, quarantine will be imposed on 320,000 people, Victoria's state prime minister Daniel Andrews reported Tuesday at a press conference.

The Spanish economy sank 5.2% in the first quarter of 2020, the biggest drop since there are records

Spanish GDP fell 5.2% in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the previous quarter, the National Institute of Statistics (INE) has reported.
It is the biggest drop since there are records, even though it only covers two weeks of the coronavirus alarm state.
The interannual growth of the GDP stands at 4.1%, compared to 1.8% in the previous quarter.

Nevada joins the US states that stop its reopening and Arizona closes bar and gyms again due to Coronavirus

Nevada state governor Steve Sisolak has decided on Monday to pause the reopening of productive activities in the territory, while that of Arizona, Doug Ducey, will close again facilities, such as gym bars, due to the increase in cases of coronavirus in United States.
In a statement, Sisolak has specified that "it will sign an emergency directive extending phase two until the end of July" and has justified its decision in "the trends in the rates of infection by coronavirus".

Brazil exceeds 58.00 deaths from Coronavirus in full economic reopening of many states

The Brazilian Ministry of Health has communicated this Monday that they have accounted for a total of 1,368,195 accumulated cases of coronavirus and 58,314 deaths, in the midst of the economic reopening of many states, such as that of Rio de Janeiro, whose public transport has left images of wagons. crowded and large crowds on trains and buses.
 The authorities have detailed that in the last day 24,052 cases and 692 new deaths have been confirmed, while 757,462 people have managed to overcome the disease in Brazil, the second country, after the United States, most plagued by the pandemic.

Beijing registers seven more cases of Coronavirus while the first infected with the new outbreak leaves the hospital

The Chinese Ministry of Health has reported on Tuesday seven new cases of coronavirus in Beijing alone, which has accumulated 328 since last June 11, when the new wave of infections was registered in one of the main wholesale markets in the capital, whose first affected has already been discharged.
The 56-year-old bus driver went to the Xinfadi wholesale market on June 3 and started suffering from some symptoms of the disease, such as weakness and headache, on June 5, according to the Beijing Daily newspaper.

British government imposes local quarantine on Leicester for Coronavirus

Sign with security measures in front of the Covid in downtown Leicester.

The British Government has imposed a local quarantine in the city of Leicester by registering almost 900 new cases of coronavirus in 15 days and reaching an infection rate of 135 per 100,000 inhabitants, three times higher than the average in the area. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has confirmed the government's decision in Parliament, despite resistance to local authorities, who were eagerly awaiting the July 4 'super Saturday' for the reopening of pubs, restaurants, hotels and hair salons.
The 300,000 residents of Leicester will in fact be the first in the UK to experience a "reverse" of confinement measures. Elementary schools, which had opened in early June, will close their doors on Thursday, and "nonessential" stores will have to close again.

India Approves Human Trials of Its First Coronavirus Vaccine Candidate

Clinical trials.

Bharat Biotech's coronavirus vaccine has been approved for human testing, making it India's first national candidate to get the go-ahead from the government's drug regulator as cases rise in a country with more than 1,300 millions of people.
Human clinical trials are slated to begin nationwide in July for the vaccine, which has been developed and manufactured at the Bharat Biotech facility in the Genome Valley in Hyderabad, India.

Coronavirus pandemic "Far from Over" wreaks havoc in America and Asia

The coronavirus pandemic "is far from over," WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said Monday after Brazil closed its worst week of infections and as cases continue to rise in the United States and China, it registers a "complex" regrowth.
"We all want it to end. We all want to continue with our lives. But the harsh reality is that we are far from the end," added the director of the World Health Organization.