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Coronavirus today | Latest news of the ‘new normal’ and outbreaks in Spain

The Cabinet gives the green light to a series of economic measures to fight the crisis caused by the coronavirus

A Port Aventura World worker prepares the seat for an attraction.

"It is obvious that we are not going in the direction," were the words of White House epidemiologist Anthony Fauci, when the country continues to set the record for coronavirus infections practically every day. Meanwhile, in Spain, the Government gives the green light today to a series of economic measures, which include 50,000 million euros to rescue companies in difficulties and a new line of guarantees to boost business investment, to fight the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

Passengers from Spain, France, Germany and Italy, exempt from quarantine in the United Kingdom

Passengers from Spain, France, Germany and Italy will not be required to serve a 14-day quarantine upon arrival in England starting July 10, as part of the easing of travel measures applied to contain the spread of the coronavirus.
The Ministry of Transport has confirmed the first four countries exempt from this isolation, considering that they are territories with "a reduced risk" of the coronavirus, and it hopes to disclose today the rest of the countries included in the measure.

Spain will keep the borders with Morocco, Algeria and China closed until there is reciprocity

Spain will reopen the borders to twelve non-EU countries this midnight and, although it also foresees the opening to Morocco, Algeria and China, subject to confirmation of the principle of reciprocity, according to an order of the Ministry of the Interior that publishes the Official State Gazette (BOE).

The peak of infections in Brazil and Argentina is yet to come

The Brazilian Ministry of Health has notified 48,105 new cases on Thursday, so there are already 1,496,858 accumulated coronavirus infections in the country, whose main regions, including the most affected, such as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, continue in full de-escalation phase.
At the moment, in Brazil, which is one of the worst-suffering countries in this coronavirus pandemic, there are already almost 1.5 million confirmed cases and some 60,000 people have lost their lives. In Argentina, meanwhile, there are some 65,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 1,310 deaths, figures very different from those registered in Brazil, "two countries where the worst news has not yet arrived."

The White House epidemiologist says "it is quite obvious" that the US is not going "in the right direction

The chief scientific officer in the fight against the coronavirus in the United States, Anthony Fauci, has said that "it is quite obvious" that the North American country is not "going in the right direction" in its response to the coronavirus pandemic. This was expressed in an interview with the magazine 'JAMA', where he referred to the process of reopening productive life in the United States in the framework of Covid-19 and considered that it is possible to find a balance between resuming activities and do it with caution, which can help delay the spread of the pandemic.

South Korea faces second wave of coronavirus with record number of cases in two weeks

South Korea has reported 63 new cases of coronavirus, the highest in two weeks, mainly due to outbreaks detected outside Seoul, where infections had been concentrated in the last month, which certify that the country is facing a second wave of infections. Data identified Thursday and released Friday by the Korea Center for Infectious Disease Prevention and Control (KCDC) is the highest since the country reported 67 new cases on June 20.

North Korea will not open its border due to coronavirus

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has warned against any "premature" easing of the measures taken against the coronavirus, the public media have reported, implying that his country is not preparing to reopen the borders.
Pyongyang maintains that it does not have a single case of Covid-19 in its territory, but experts doubt it, given the devastation of a virus that has infected almost 11 million people worldwide, of whom half a million have died.

Immunity to the coronavirus is greater than what the tests show

 Immunity to the coronavirus "is probably higher" than is believed, since many people who have passed asymptomatic or mildly have the disease, although they have not tested positive for antibodies, according to a study by the Institute and the Karolinska University (Sweden).
Research shows that “many people” with mild or asymptomatic Covid-19 demonstrate so-called “mediated immunity” by T cells (lymphocytes that are responsible for recognizing and destroying the infected cell), even if they have not tested positive for antibodies.

UK begins lifting quarantine measures for coronavirus

The British government has revealed the first exemptions to the quarantine regime applied to fight the coronavirus epidemic, which affect those arriving from Germany, France, Spain or Italy, which will no longer have to self-isolate from July 10. But he decided that these exemptions would only apply to arrivals in England and that quarantines would remain mandatory for anyone arriving in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Violations will be sanctioned with fines.

China registers five new cases of coronavirus, two of them in Beijing

Health personnel performing a Covid-19 test on a citizen in China.

The Chinese National Health Commission has reported five new cases of coronaviruses detected on Thursday, three of them from abroad and two locally, both in Beijing, bringing the capital one more positive than on the previous day. Beijing detected a flare-up of the virus early last month in its main wholesale market, and to date has infected at least 330 people, according to official figures.

Facebook and Twitter strongly recommend wearing a mask to stop the coronavirus

"Wear a mask to help prevent the spread of Covid-19": This message will be the first to be shown on Facebook and Instagram as the United States records a record of daily infections. The recommendation will be distributed first among US users, before spreading worldwide. In the past 24 hours, the United States recorded at least 52,898 new coronavirus cases, a record level since the start of the pandemic according to Jhons Hopkins University.

Surgical masks can take up to 400 years to decompose

These protection elements should be thrown into the container of the rest of the waste and never to the ground, since there is the possibility that they are contaminated

Citizens of Navarra walking around with their disposable protection mask.

It could take up to 400 years for a surgical mask to decompose. This is revealed by the exhibition "The other fish in the river", which is promoted by the Government of Navarra through the Waste Consortium, and which seeks to educate people on how to properly dispose of this type of product.
If they are not disposed of correctly, it can seriously harm the environment. Once used, they must be thrown into the waste container and never on the ground, because their effects can be devastating due to the possibility that they may be contaminated.